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CD packaging printing


Creating a CD from scratch is a complicated process that needs to be given enough time to ensure that no error appears in the recording. That is why it is worthwhile to cooperate with Printmasta, which uses highly technologically advanced machines. Specialists deal not only with the production of CDs, but also with their printing and packing (printing and packing). They offer various types of packaging, including digipak packaging. Each box is covered with foil, according to the customer's taste it can be glossy or matte foil. The company primarily prints on CDs/DVDs, as well as on pendrives and SD cards. It is possible to print packaging in all colors, including complex tonal transitions. As a result, the packaging is not only durable, sturdy and aesthetically pleasing. For small print runs, the Printmast team uses UV digital printing, which provides high quality graphics while being cost-effective. For detailed information on CD printing and packaging, visit cdprintmasta.com.

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